Anesi facials

This cosmetic skin range is formulated for all skin types that enjoy the benefits of 3 dimensional hydration. Aqua vital contains a nano technological active ingredient which is able to penetrate water in all levels of the epidermis and into the skin cells to help prevent moisture from evaporating. An accumulation of toxins inside the cells can make the skin look empty and lifeless so Anesi also incorporates celldetox to increase the skins natural detoxification system and deeply cleans the skins cells.

  • CELLULAR 3 £52.50 (1hr)

This firming, toning and age defence facial refines the texture of the skin, fights wrinkles and improves tissue hydration – perfect for mature skin

  • AQUA VITAL NUTRITION £42.50 (1hr)

Our treatment for dry skin which needs extra nourishing, hydration and brightening. Dry or dehydrated skins will see instant results.

  • AQUA VITAL CLEANSE £42.50 (1hr)

This facial balances the skin, deeply cleaning the skins cells. Promotes a freshness.

  • DERMO PEEL £43.00 (1hr)

This is a natural alternative to a micro dermo abrasion. Complete regeneration of the skin by the production of new skin cells and collagen fibres.

3 or 4 days after the treatment dead skin cells slough off leaving an improved, clear and younger looking skin. Highly recommended for deep cleaning, thick skin or an uneven texture. (not recommended for extremely sensitive skins)

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